Thursday, December 27, 2007

Evidence That Beasts Live Among Us

Why do women choose bad men? Fabian Hands, a 46 year old pathetic excuse for a human being, killed his girlfriend and her sister before raping and assaulting the 20 year old daughter of the dead girlfriend. When police arrived at the scene, the 20 year old emerged from a bedroom complaining of the rape and assault. Hands followed her out of the bedroom and, in front of police, assaulted her again. He's been arrested and charged with the crimes, which are of course "alleged" at this point. We suspect the Omaha P.D. got their man...

WashPost account (via AP) here:

One Last Walk Together Before I Knife You To Death...

David Winters, age 18, home for the holidays in the suburban Washington, D.C. area after completing Marine boot camp, went for a walk with his proud Dad Andrew, who was wearing his USMC sweatshirt in his son's honor. Somehow, this newly minted Marine snapped, and when all was said and done, father Andrew was dead of knife wounds. At first David claimed that both men had been assaulted by unknown assailants, but that story quickly folded. The Marines teach you to kill well, not to lie well.

WashPost coverage here: