Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bad Programmers Make Bad Crooks

Yung-Hsun Lin was evidently never cut out to be a crook. He also apparently was not cut out to be a programmer. Seems the 50 year old was miffed that he was soon to be terminated from his job at Medco Health Solutions in Newark, NJ, so he wrote a program that would botch the company's database of drug interactions.

So in order to scew his employer, he was fine with giving pharmacists bad information that might affect the health of their patients. His little scheme was found out when the program ran and failed.

Hmm, what's this program? Why did it fail? What was it trying to do? Hey, what the blank is going on here?

The judge was none too amused, either: 30 months in the state pen.

NY Times has the blurb; no doubt there's more out there:'>">

Yes, there is much more out there! Here's a full writeup of the arrest from TechWeb:'>">