Friday, January 4, 2008

Good Thing She Meant No Disrespect actual soldiers and actual families of those actually killed.

We all know about Hannamania, that craziness caused by those who decided to send Miley Cyrus on tour but withhold most of the tickets from the general public. As a result there was a mad scramble for tix, as prices skyrocketed.

I challenge anybody in America to name a single Hannah Montana song, or to even confirm that they know she is a character played by the daughter of Billy Ray "Achy Breaky Heart Cyrus.

But the children! The children know! And their parents want to give the children what they want.

Which brings us to Priscilla Ceballos, whose 6 year old daughter desperately needed to be at that show! Of course there was no way to actually purchase tickets, but fortunately there was this essay contest. Of course, the essay is supposed to be written by the child, but considering how important this was, Priscilla decided to give the girl a helping hand. To the point of making the story so heart-tugging that it would have to win! How about telling how Daddy died in the Iraq war? That would have to move them.

And it did. The little girl won. Now Mommy is on the Today show.

Explaining why she made up the whole "Daddy Died In Iraq" story.

No he didn't. A distant cousin did. Not Daddy.

So the whole thing unraveled when the press started checking facts, such as the name of the dead soldier, who is actually alive, well and not a soldier.


Priscilla made a mistake, an error in judgment, and now she has been harassed out of her home and off of MySpace.

Lesson: Don't make stuff up. Not about stuff like that. Surprisingly, Priscilla didn't already know that.

MSNBC with the pain and suffering:

The Tragic Death Of Britney Spears

Can this headline be far off? Would you be more or less surprised if it does not happen in 2008?

I hate to pick on such an obviously disturbed target; she is the ultimate cautionary tale in just about every possible regard.

Never truer is her Barkley-esque assertion that "I am not a role model."

If this latest chapter isn't the beginning of the end of something in this saga, I'll eat my words.

Yahoo (via AP) with the latest brutal sequence: