Friday, December 28, 2007

FOVSS (Friend Of Very Strange Stories) and a strange man in his own right, Keith presents us with his latest brainstorm, the Metacafe Joke Of The Month. Note the production detail :-)

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WIll The French Find A Way To Blame Us For This?

Starting January 2 (well, January 1 but they don't feel like enforcing it on a holiday), France becomes a fully non-smoking country. Not quite. They take the extraordinary step of banning smoking in cafes. Bars and restaurants, too. But cafes? One more ubiquitous hallmark of Franch style and fashion bites the dust.

They have studies which show that half of all smokers die from smoking-related illnesses. They've already banned smoking in hospitals and airports, and now this final step.

Makes one wonder why the U.S. can't get together and pass one uniform clean indoor air law. Surely the French have obnoxious, well funded lobbyists just as the U.S. does?

America stands for freedom! You want to destroy your lungs, who has the right to intrude?

Ah, it's the second hand smoke that gets you. You have no right to exhale your pollution in the air I may also have to breathe.

For my money, the indoor ban is sensible and long overdue anywhere. That companies are allowed to profit from the sale of these death sticks is bad enough. To force others to breathe the foul air is too much, and has gone on for too long.

Enough is enough already. It's time for the U.S. to follow France (and much of Europe) and make it a national standard: no smoking in common, indoor spaces.

Yahoo (via A.P.) writeup here:;_ylt=ApqdIhhX.Bl02EFBwf_G.vgE1vAI

Move Over! I'm In A F#$!IN ESCALADE!

Her last words were actually "Oh Sh##!", but her actions spoke loudest, and now Jennifer Carter of Frederick, MD, is dead at 27. Why? Because she thought her Escalade owned the road as well as the shoulder. While weaving back and forth, she clipped the back of another car and plunged into the opposite lane. So, what happened next?

Head on collision and two more dead, a Fairfax, VA, father and son.

Words escape me at times like this. Kind of like how I feel when a jilted boyfriend kills the girlfriend and then kills himself.

Why not just kill yourself?

Jennifer Carter got what she deserved, driving a 4,000 pound missile like a jet ski on U.S. 15 during rush hour.

(Why do they call it that? Because it's a baaaaad time to be in a rush...)

It's just, so damn unfair that a father and son, doing who knows what during Christmas break, had to pay for her senseless, reckless act. And of course, she leaves bereaved all around her. All in all, quite a frickin' mess.

Way to go out with a bang, Jennifer.

WashPost with the sickening story, still unfolding:

Glad To Be Leaving Chad?

The 6 French aid workers (awkward turn of phrase, for sure) have, as suspected, been turned over
to French authorities and will be leaving Chad. Still technically guilty of the charges against
them, the workers will still need to be dealt with by the French legal system. They won't be doing
hard labor, but will they be released outright?

Since guessing only counts if you do it before the fact, here's mine: Yes.

NY Times update (via AP) here:

Meet The Man Who Ran Into The Fire

Ryan Parker, a 21 year old man. What a man.

Thanks to Parker, his 8 year old niece is alive today. She was moments from death by smoke
inhalation when Parker dove through the basement window of their burning house, found her in the
dense blackness, and managed to find the window he came through and get her out. He doesn't
remember how he got out.

WashPost with the amazing details:

Here Kitty (Isn't It Cute How Mad He's Getting?)...Here Kitty....Holy SH**!

Well, this tiger story just gets more remarkable. Maybe the wall wasn't quite high enough; the
moat was dry; something may have been dangled over the edge (a shoe?)...the three men were
together in the zzoo, at the tiger enclosure, when this scene unfolded. Taunting is suspected,
which may have triggered an unusual feat of strength by the big cat.

Now the Examiner tells us that the dead man was trying to save his friend from being mauled.
Details remain sketchy, but presumably the survivors know what happened. Here's the latest from
the Examiner:

Good Christians Can Look Remarkably Like The Devil

It almost brings tears to your eyes, doesn't it? The killer's mother saying "He's a good
Christian!", so how could he have helped his girlfriend gun down her parents, her brother, his
wife and their two children?

Well, money is suspected. Such a shock. A good christian moved, by mere money, to take the lives
of 6 innocent people?

Joseph Thomas McEnroe, all of 29, met Michele K. Anderson through an as yet un-nmed online dating
service five years ago. What transpired between then and now to convince them that the path to
financial security was to take heavy caliber handguns, truck over to the folks' house on Christmas
eve, and...

Yahoo (via AP) has the facts, as known so far:;_ylt=Ai5WPLaifA7x7SAeG7nbWbIE1vAI