Friday, December 28, 2007

Move Over! I'm In A F#$!IN ESCALADE!

Her last words were actually "Oh Sh##!", but her actions spoke loudest, and now Jennifer Carter of Frederick, MD, is dead at 27. Why? Because she thought her Escalade owned the road as well as the shoulder. While weaving back and forth, she clipped the back of another car and plunged into the opposite lane. So, what happened next?

Head on collision and two more dead, a Fairfax, VA, father and son.

Words escape me at times like this. Kind of like how I feel when a jilted boyfriend kills the girlfriend and then kills himself.

Why not just kill yourself?

Jennifer Carter got what she deserved, driving a 4,000 pound missile like a jet ski on U.S. 15 during rush hour.

(Why do they call it that? Because it's a baaaaad time to be in a rush...)

It's just, so damn unfair that a father and son, doing who knows what during Christmas break, had to pay for her senseless, reckless act. And of course, she leaves bereaved all around her. All in all, quite a frickin' mess.

Way to go out with a bang, Jennifer.

WashPost with the sickening story, still unfolding:

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