Friday, December 28, 2007

Good Christians Can Look Remarkably Like The Devil

It almost brings tears to your eyes, doesn't it? The killer's mother saying "He's a good
Christian!", so how could he have helped his girlfriend gun down her parents, her brother, his
wife and their two children?

Well, money is suspected. Such a shock. A good christian moved, by mere money, to take the lives
of 6 innocent people?

Joseph Thomas McEnroe, all of 29, met Michele K. Anderson through an as yet un-nmed online dating
service five years ago. What transpired between then and now to convince them that the path to
financial security was to take heavy caliber handguns, truck over to the folks' house on Christmas
eve, and...

Yahoo (via AP) has the facts, as known so far:;_ylt=Ai5WPLaifA7x7SAeG7nbWbIE1vAI

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