Friday, January 11, 2008

What Do Jones And Vick Have In Common? I'm Thinking...

...and soon we will add Barry Bonds to that list, unless he wriggles free from the charges against him.

Three prominent black athletes brought down in a very short time. Am I missing something here, or have zero white athletes been brought down by the government during this time? In fact, when was the last time? Pete Rose?

I will honestly admit that I never believed that the charges against Vick were serious enough to warrant jail time. It is not for me to judge the practice of breeding dogs to fight. That may be a legitimate thing to do. Fighting them as a money sport is distasteful and should warrant fines and so forth. It should be condemned.

But to go to jail for raising a dog to fight, then fighting it? I never understood that, still don't.

Now Jones has been tossed into jail for 6 months, the maximum recommended sentence, literally pulling her infant son off of her nipple, because she admitted to lying about taking 'the clear' and lying to protect her former husband's involvement in a check fraud scheme.

The judge went out of his way to explain that Jones received the maximum sentence because she is a role model and should be held to a higher standard.

As if her fall from 5 Olympic medal grace is not complete, as if it is not punishment enough for the role model.

Explain to her small children why mommy is going to Federal prison for six months. Because the judge said so...