Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Don't Worry, These Rulese Are Here To Protect You...

Right here in VSS's backyard of Harrisburg, PA, comes the latest example of why we should simply trust our government to protect us with the raft of new laws and regulations which came about in the GWB administration's GWOT. You know, the new reality and so forth.

(One day, historians will analyze why the world became a different place on 9/11/01, when almost every other free nation on the planet had been dealing with "terrorism" for many decades...)

Erich Scherfen, age 37, born and raised in New Jersey, Gulf War veteran, commercial pilot...and suspected terrorist.

That's a fair interpretation of the government's opinion of you if you are on the HSA terrorits watch list, isn't it? If you are on the watch list, they suspect you of something related to GWOT. Right?

Otherwise, the list might be considered arbitrary and perhaps improperly influenced.

And of course, the government won't tell us how names get on the list, or even if a particular name is on the list. For our own protection, of course.

So how did
Erich Scherfen come to find out he was on the list? When his employer suspended him - for being on the list.

Scherfen converted to Islam in 1994. His wife was born in Pakistan. The government says that religious (as well as political) affiliation do not get a person placed on the list.

That leaves the Pakistani wife. The government will not comment on what the reason is.

Scherfen is nearly out of a job and a career, and nobody will tell him why.

We just thought you ought to know.

From the AP, via the Worcester Telegram & Gazette.