Friday, December 28, 2007

WIll The French Find A Way To Blame Us For This?

Starting January 2 (well, January 1 but they don't feel like enforcing it on a holiday), France becomes a fully non-smoking country. Not quite. They take the extraordinary step of banning smoking in cafes. Bars and restaurants, too. But cafes? One more ubiquitous hallmark of Franch style and fashion bites the dust.

They have studies which show that half of all smokers die from smoking-related illnesses. They've already banned smoking in hospitals and airports, and now this final step.

Makes one wonder why the U.S. can't get together and pass one uniform clean indoor air law. Surely the French have obnoxious, well funded lobbyists just as the U.S. does?

America stands for freedom! You want to destroy your lungs, who has the right to intrude?

Ah, it's the second hand smoke that gets you. You have no right to exhale your pollution in the air I may also have to breathe.

For my money, the indoor ban is sensible and long overdue anywhere. That companies are allowed to profit from the sale of these death sticks is bad enough. To force others to breathe the foul air is too much, and has gone on for too long.

Enough is enough already. It's time for the U.S. to follow France (and much of Europe) and make it a national standard: no smoking in common, indoor spaces.

Yahoo (via A.P.) writeup here:;_ylt=ApqdIhhX.Bl02EFBwf_G.vgE1vAI

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